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Products / Goan Vindaloo Culinary Spice Kit

Goan Vindaloo Culinary Spice Kit


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Product Description

Vindaloo is a worldwide popular dish from Goa, India. Its origin is the Portuguese dish "carne de vinho e alhos" (meat cooked in wine vinegar and garlic). The sour-spicy dish came to Goa with Portuguese explorers in the 15th century and was adapted to the local taste and ingredients. Vindaloo is usually very hot. Our spice blend has only a little kick, not hot at all. Add fresh chilies to your heat level. We recommend to try it with pork or lamb, though it takes a bit longer to cook. Ingredients: Cumin, coriander, turmeric, white poppy seeds, cinnamon, cloves, Kashmiri chili

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