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Products / Bengali Shukto Culinary Spice Kit

Bengali Shukto Culinary Spice Kit


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Product Description

Shukto is a must on any festive Bengali dinner menu. It has a slight bitterness balanced with sugar. If you are not up for this, try a Panch Phoron recipe from our website. Panch Phoron is a Bengali five-spice blend. It's always used whole. The seeds are fried in oil until they pop and release their aromatic flavor. Includes recipe card with double spices for two meals with 3-4 servings. Ingredients: [1] Panch Phoron: Cumin, fennel, fenugreek, brown and yellow mustard, nigella  [2] Yellow and brown mustard, ajowan, bay leaves - Free U.S. shipping.

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