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Products / German-Austrian Schupfnudeln Culinary Spice Kit

German-Austrian Schupfnudeln Culinary Spice Kit


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Product Description

Around 1630, German soldiers rolled finger-sized noodles from their ration of flour and water. Today, Swabians usually fry Schupfnudeln with sauerkraut and bacon, served at every festival and market. Austrians love the Schupfnudeln with poppy seeds and sweet fruits. Italian gnocchi are identical to Schupfnudeln, just in a different shape. Our recipe gives you all the options, including substitute vegetables for sauerkraut. Includes recipe card with double spices for two meals with 3-4 servings. Ingredients: Cinnamon, vanilla extract, ginger, allspice, orange peel, star anise, juniper berries, cloves - Free U.S. shipping.

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