Get Your Ticket Around the World

with no risk:

  • Choose monthly 2 dishes with a Quad Box subscription.
  • 30 days 100%-money-back-guarantee for annual plans (see details below).


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Global Holiday Gift Edition (Quad Box Size)

This Holiday Edition of a Quad Box size comes with a special 1st box. Its content depends on the time period that you choose for your subscription. FREE U.S. Shipping.

Culinary Spice Kit - Duo Box (2 Kits)

Cook 2 new dishes per month! The Duo box contains recipe spice kits for 2 dishes from 2 countries per month. All recipes offer plenty of variations. FREE U.S. Shipping.

Culinary Spice Kit - Quad Box (4 Kits)

Get the Duo Box plus 2 recipe spice kits of your choice! The Quad Box contains recipe spice kits for 4 dishes from 2 to 4 countries per month. FREE U.S. Shipping.

30 days 100%-Money-back-guarantee: If you subscribe to an annual plan, you have 30 days to cancel. Just send us your cancellation by email within 30 days after your order date to get a full refund, except non-spice additions to the Holiday Gift Edition.